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Service Department

Here to Get you back up and running again

We can work on just about anything

Water Heaters

Whether it is Gas or Electric, we have the equipment and knowledge to diagnose and fix any issue. We specialize in Tankless water heaters.

  • Thermocouple Replacement

  • Thermostat and Element Replacements

  • Circulation Pump Replacement

  • Water Crossover Diagnosis and Repair (No cold water and just warm water)

  • T&P Replacement

Pressure Issues

One of the most unseen issue can be pressure related. Be it excessive pressure or not enough, a new Pressure Regulator (PRV) can solve many issues driving you nuts. Below are common symptoms of pressure issues.

  • Knocking or Whinning in piping system when using water

  • Water coming out strong and then slowing down

  • T&P line on water heater dripping or running

  • Not having any gusto coming out of shower heads or fixtures

  • Toilets pulsing when finishing fill cycle or continuing to run slightly

Water Leaks

Leaks are going to happen. Be it inside or outside, fixing it right as to not happen again is our goal in mind.

  • PVC, CPVC, Copper, Pex, Galvanized Steel, Polybutylene, we work on it all.

  • We can demo slab to get to leaks and fill back in

  • When cutting holes in walls we can put Access panels in place to allow access in future if needed (Works Great for Shower Valves and Frostproofs)

  • We can repipe just a run or complete water systems if needed

  • We can run water in attic if water piping had been compromised in the slab with PEX to save from extreme slab demo

Waste Leaks

As gross as it may be, someone has to get it fixed. We don't mind getting dirty though. Below are some things we can do.

  • Main waste line to city tap or septic system repairs

  • Sink Drain or Tub/Shower Drain replacements or repairs

  • Toilet Flange replacements

  • Broken or rotten out plumbing under house or in slab

  • We can work with Cast Iron, PVC, and ABS waste pipe. If you have Orangeburg, just replace that stuff.

Gas Leaks

Smell Gas? Gas company take your meter? We can fix that.

  • We can perform air tests on the building and locate gas leaks.

  • We can replace shutoffs that won't turn off

  • We can work with Black Iron, Steel, PE (Plastic), and Gastite

  • From 1/2in all the way to 2 1/2in Pipe we can thread any length needed.

  • Fully Licensed to sign off when repairs are done to have the Gas Company reinstall your meter

Bury Hydrants and Frostproofs

These hydrants are designed to withstand freezing conditions without the need of winterization. They, like anything else, can still fail.

  • If you have a constant drip that means there is a chance of it freezing and busting. A simple washer/plunger replacement and adjustment can save you from a broken pipe.

  • Most hydrants can be repaired to work as they should without a body replacement.

  • If complete replacement is the case we can put an access panel to supply an easy way of access or a meter box if outside for faster change out in future.

  • Best way to avoid a busted hydrant is to keep hoses removed in the winter time and make sure hydrant turns off fully.

Specialty Items

We've got enough combined experience to be able to tackle just about anything. We can find a way to get something repaired.

  • Specialty Toilet Repair (Low Boy Toilets, In-Wall Toilets, Bidets, etc)

  • We can change filters and repair Water Filtration Systems

  • Shower Steamer Unit repairs and Installations

  • Thermostatic and Diverter repairs on specialty showers

  • Got something no one can figure out? Give us a shot at it!